Sunday, November 21, 2010

The walls they build

Stroll the lie
Just another painful story
Wish I had an angel by my side
The walls they build
With sets of prose & poetry
Never seemed red in my eyes
But it seems the world will change & begin to prosper
For the sake of the tears, in my heart
I want to rise, but I'm held
I want to shine, but I'm scared
I want to learn, but I can't
I wait for the day
When my loving angel saves the day
That will wipe my past and bless the present
But it's so far away...


tulika said...

Nice ,Chweet !!!

Dnt worry u will get ur angel !!! Becoz ur angel cannot dare to miss such a chweet person tat u r !!

again Awsum !!

Samik said...

Hey..thanks for stopping by and your lovely comments..Keep visiting :-)