Saturday, August 11, 2007



Written and directed by Anjan Dutt, Bow Barracks Forever deals with the joys and sorrows of the community staying at the barracks. The place was actually a garrison of the American army during the Second World War. After independence, the Anglo -Indian community settled down at the area and came to be known as Bow Barracks.

The initial part of the movie doesn’t really take off. The second part of the movie really touches your heart. You can actually feel each and every character. I sincerely don’t think that the plot of the movie was degrading to the Anglo Indian community. Instead I would rather say, that it was a fantastically made film, which showcases the plight faced by the community. There was rather a strong pitch of appeal to save this particular place which most of us are not aware of.

There were quite a few standout performances by the total cast. Especially, Victor Banerjee as”Peter, the cheater”, Moon Moon sen, debutante Sohini Paul, Sabyasachi and last but not the least Lillete Dubey.She was perfect playing the character of a widower with two sons, and how she hopes to get a passage out of the country and settle up in London.

The music composed by Anjan and Neel dutt is simply amazing. Especially the score by Amyt dutta and Usha Uthup was mindblowing, so was the title song ”bow barracks forever”. Overall a nice movie to watch, and if you are a Anjan Dutt fan then a probably a mustwatch. That man is simply amazing… a writer, composer, singer, guitarist and director. People, so naturally talented like him are hardly found.

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e a good i think i regret not going to see it..but will sumtime...

very well written piece...