Sunday, July 29, 2007

What is love?

Love is something that's hard to find,
Something so simple, yet hard to define.
You could search your heart, or search your soul,
You could search forever on an endless road.

But what is love? What's really the meaning?
Is it someone that helps you when you think about quitting?
Someone who holds your hand, in sickness and in health?
Someone who stays with you through poorness and wealth?

But it's much more, this eternal bond,
It's when you love someone after they've gone.
They're always with you, in the back of your mind,
You'll never forget them, you don't even try.

Their presence, their touch, the love they give,
You'd kill for them. Die for them! They're the reason you live.
The loyalty, the trust, even the passion,
You're there to protect them when their world comes down crashin'.

So what is love? This complex of a thing,
It's not as simple as some may think.

It's the feeling you get, it comes from the soul,
You know it's just right, you just know!
You don't have tell anybody, you don't have to imply it,
But you know it's there, and your actions say it

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phoenix said...


o my god this is so beautiful....amazing thoughts with emotions seeping through....i am really touched to know this is how you perceive love