Saturday, September 27, 2008

My First Blogger’s Meet - Kolkata

Indibloggers Meet at Kolkata, September 21-2008

Heera Hotel Inn
51 Elliot Road, Kolkata- 700016

It was really an awesome experience to be a part of Kolkata bloggers meet.Thanks to my girlfriend, Raka for whom i came to know about the event and trust me was a fantastic
event to be a part of.I kept on laughing for 4 hours flat, and this event would always be something that i would cherish to be a part of next time around.

This was my first ever blogger’s meet at my very own Kolkata. Since it was my first ever blogger’s meet I was a bit nervous introducing myself.But, to be honest i thoroughly enjoyed giving an Intro before 60 odd bloggers of Kolkata, not
to forget the Organizers of the meet as well.

It was an amazing to hear Sandhya(Microsoft Gal) speak about "Microsoft Live Writer", a software that could be quite handy when you desperately want to blog and you do not have the means of posting something.I personally found the software quite user friendly and something that would be really helpful for people who travel a lot.It was great to speak to Sandhya on a personal note and she promised to find me a place to stay in Chennai if i get to relocate there.It was great to meet u Sandhya!!

Blogger’s View::
All of us started talking about "Code of Ethics". Everyone started giving their opinions which meant the atmosphere really got hotter as time progressed . We started debating about “Copyright”.Personally, i felt that we could have had a bit of understanding between ourselves(Indibloggers from Kolkata) with an unwritten pact "Not to copy content" which somehow doesnt sound too realistic.Does it??

Last but not the least, the dinner was absoutely fantastic!!
Really had a wonderful time throughout and it was great to
know people like Renie,Biji,Anoop in person.Thanks everybody
and Thank You Microsoft for such an awesome evening..


phoenix said...

hmmm we all had a great time now didnt we? :D

truly the indiblogger team worked so hard to make it so special for us..

they truly did a commendable job

Baadshah said...

samik bhai..
good job friend..

really wanting n waiting to meet all bloggers again...

lets see when fate gets us together again...

added ur blog in the update of the write up at

enjoy n tke cre

b well...

AjiNIMC aka web kotler said...

It was nice meeting you. Please be a part of Kolkata Web group at and

Lets keep meeting in Kolkata.

M. Umer Toor said...

Wow, its amazing to know how passionate Indi bloggers are and serious about the creative business. AS for the copyrights, Pakistani mainstream Universities, at least where I read, are very strict about it. Even its bore in the freashman's mind that plagiarism is an evil!