Thursday, October 28, 2010


She is so possessive about me
Never leaves me isolated
In crowded areas
Accompanies me always
In my solitude !

Is so concerned about me
Tempts me always
To share the unshared words with her
Because others wont comprehend
What I really mean!

When I try ,
To build relations with others
She ensures me that
They are all ordinary people
Drenched in their own self interest
Just making friendship with me .. !!

I am your truth
I am your companion
I love you always!!


Anindo Sen said...

Loved the poem.
It celebrates solitude.
Solitude has no parallels.
Solitude deserves to get noticed,
and the bliss of solitude demands celebratory outpourings too.

starry nights said...

Hey, thanks Anindo for stopping by and your wonderful comments :)..keep visiting!!

Phoenix said...

i have been reading your blog for sometime now... ever since you told me that you have begun struck by how mature you have become... how expressive you are... you used to tell me how i have a way with words... i think its just you...

im saddened to see that you have removed me from your blog list...maybe it will help you..lemme know if you dont want me visiting this place..i wont..

btw i began blogging...because i remember you said u'd be happy if i go back to blogs, my first love...