Friday, July 13, 2007


Believe in me with all your heart

cause you know I believe in you

Believe in us,honey

I know what my dreams are

I dont know what my future holds

Forever alone is not what i want to be

Trust in me with all your heart

cause you know I trust in you

Come on honey,you can trust in us

Only you hold the answers

To all the questions you seek

Just open your heart and let them out

Believe in me and take my hand

cause you know I believe in you

You can honey,believe in us


Anonymous said...

there is a lot of depth in ur tends to make you realize the real YOU...when you are threatened to lose the person you love the most...then the love lost in daily chores come back....

take heart tough times wont really last...but tough people will....

true love makes the impossible possible....

phoenix said...

a simple step
a gentle touch
a few words
a meaningful action
a thoughtful mind
and a realization!!

can make a world's difference...and in Elliot's words..."and yours will be the world and everything in it"

starry nights said...

thanx 4 d i dnt think icn write as beautifully as my frnd does.